12 November 2007


D.I.E. or Denim Is Everything takes you on a walk to the darker side of things, where everything isn’t quite as it seems to be. Beneath the bright colours lurks a sea of horror movie, 1950’s Zombies, punk rock inspired design finishes and graphics.

Reynald Gautier and Marcus Martinez formed D.I.E in 2004. D.I.E was born from their common preferences for comic books, horror films, and music by bands such as The Guana Batz, The Meteors, in addition to the their most influential interest and concrete fascination: skateboarding. The latter helped them form a sense of independence and life philosophy, which was instrumental in the creation of D.I.E.

D.I.E or Denim Is Everything, is not as its name may suggest, a puritan denim brand. It is however, a way of thinking, a lifestyle taking its inspiration from life interests, friendships, experiences, memories and family from both Reys’ and Marcus’ lives past and present. In the collection denim may be dead but as they say it’s ‘better dead, than buried!’

The 'Denim Is Everything' collection is available from coggles.com