3 July 2008


We are pleased to announce the arrival of home and lifestyle products in conjunction with our friends from Snowhome to our new ‘LIFE’ section of Coggles.com

Many sites now offer the same ranges of generic design, a vast and largely predictable assembly of plastic chairs and accessories imported from the Far East. Coggles wanted to bring you something different. So we have sourced our new collection from smaller manufacturers, emerging designers and carefully handpicked items with character, charm , soul and unique personality.

We have just uploaded or collection of wall stickers from the Danish company Ferm ( who also supply us with beautiful wallpaper ). They are easy to apply and add a touch of gentle graphic flair to virtually any flat surface. There will be more sticky designs to choose from soon, including some fantastic panoramic wall friezes from Germany.

Lovely new self assembly shade in the flatpack shades department.Very clever arresting design with a diffused glowing light perfect for use with low energy bulbs.

We are now selling lovely wallpaper from the Danish company Ferm in our online store. Choose from 12 unique designs to give your walls a touch of pattern! . Look in the new Wallpaper section in the store to see more.

It is not clear who built the first cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest but there is unanimity that the unusual clock with the bird call very quickly conquered the region. Already by the middle of the eighteenth century, several small clockmaking shops produced cuckoo clocks with wooden gears. So the first Black Forest cuckoo clocks were created between 1740/50.
We have now added contemporary versions of the traditional wooden Bavarian cuckoo clock which are now available from designer Pascal Tarabay.


The brand new shoe collection from Paul Smith has now started to arrive. The famous York boot and Starr shoe are joined by a host of new shapes.

The new classic styles with a twist consist of the Corso tall brogue boot, the Tony Chelsea boot and the distressed Ibsen trainer.

You’ll need to hurry as this exclusive range has limited stock available.


The new men’s collection from the ‘Queen of British Rebel Fashion’ Vivienne Westwood has just started to land.

First to arrive are her iconic military coats, tweed jackets and her classic twisted shirting and her semi-collegiate knitwear.

These are wearable or collectable pieces from the Vivienne Westwood Men's Autumn/Winter 2008 collection.