24 May 2008


Emily and Fin's 50’s inspired dresses are now back in stock.

Emily Whittle and Ffion Armour-Brown, the designers behind Emily and Fin, share an interest in all things vintage, quirky and cool, Emily and Fin were also inspired by travels to faraway corners of the globe. They soon began making their own one-off pieces by playing with pretty prints, vibrant colours and flattering silhouettes to create must have wearable designs.

22 May 2008


T-shirts are the uniform of a man’s summer, we have over 300 styles from around the world including:

Franklin & Marshall - Famous American ‘College’ t-shirts.
Ames Bros - Hand drawn designs for music’s elite.
Vivienne Westwood - Iconic prints from British rebel designer.
St Lenny - legends of the Australian grunge underground.
Junk Food - The ‘IT’ t-shirt from vintage America.
Religion - Leading the modern day punk movement.

20 May 2008


Paul Smith accessories reflect the character of Paul and his designs, an unmistakable Englishness augmented by the unexpected. A swirl designed Paul Smith product is an iconic fashion purchase and his accessories come in all shapes and sizes including wallets, cufflinks, socks, holdalls, belts, dressing gowns, ties, beach towels…you get the picture!

19 May 2008


Trainers:Hand crafted Japanese imports by ‘TST’ from the esteemed cult footwear designer ‘Seishi Tanaka’, to Paul Smith’s classic trainers with a mix of British and Japanese influences.
Fluro:Still riding high for summer 08 ‘fluro’ influences are going back to the 80’s with New Balance, Paul Smith and K-Swiss.
Deck Shoes:Following the rehabilitation of moccasins and brogues, deck shoes are having a renaissance this summer. Classics include YMC and Lost Souls.

13 May 2008


What is it about the summer that sparks off a love affair between fashion and music?

Diesel have now taken to the airwaves with Diesel:U:Music Radio. D-U-M radio now broadcasting on 87.7 FM from The Amersham Arms in New Cross, was launched this week. The big boys of fashion are hoping to support the work of cutting edge musicians across the British Isles. Some people say that starting your own radio station is as bold as hanging your balls over a balcony. But D-U-M radio seems to be a sweet investment as bands like The Klaxons sign up to play live gigs to attract listeners to the stations headquarters.

Andy Griffiths, Diesel's head of communications, said: “Diesel-U-Music Radio covers everything we really value - music, community, DIY spirit and new ideas. It's about smart, creative people, whether they're established artists or bedroom DJs, and it's going to make amazing radio."
Well I have to admit Andy it is pretty good so far. Amazing takes time though.


7 May 2008


The new Black Dice watches have landed. They are the latest in luxury vintage styling from pure digital to chrome analog watches. Inspiration and ambition define every Black Dice design.


The New Young Pony Club will be Dancing in France with Fornarina on May 12th. The electronic wizards will DJ in Paris’ Carrousel Du Louvre for the latest edition of the Fornarina Urban Beauty Show 6.0 – The Call of Dreams. It seems the sleek designers are flying the British New Wave/Electronic flag with Simian Mobile Disco adding beats of their own during the launch.
The evening is set to be a mixture of Art, Fashion and Noise. For the New Young Pony Club, this venue highlights the versatility of the five-piece band who have recently supported the charitable project Crisis Consequence. The Ponies along with Paul Weller, Supergrass, The Enemy, Graham Coxon, and Dirty Pretty Things, compiled a single to help the homeless get off the streets. If anyone deserves a night out in Paris, The New Young Ponies do.


It seems the music world has latched onto the Merc movement, and I’m not talking cars here. The British Retro brand have recently confirmed that the ‘Plain White T’s’ will be launching the Merc Music Fest on May 9th, at their store in Carnaby Street.

The Grammy nominated Plain White T’s from across the Atlantic, renown for their #1 single ‘Hey There Delilah’, have done no bad thing making friends with the London fashion boys.

Slapping a Merc jacket across your chest is becoming a healthy habit for bands including The Hoosiers, Kaiser Chiefs, The Enemy, Razorlight and even Greenday. (But we won’t go on about that.)

The 2008 Merc Music Series is set be a sequence of fortnightly gigs that will cost the spectator absolutely nothing. Bands such The Troubadours, The Sigma and The Foxes have all signed up for the late May and June slots.

It looks like London’s about to get Louder.


6 May 2008


Paige Adams-Geller has been the designer jeans industry’s secret weapon for almost a decade, being the ‘fit model’ for almost every A-list premium denim jeans label. Her long and successful reign as the celebrity jeans industry’s most sought after fit model was, perhaps surprisingly, due to her curvy, not-too-thin figure, which it appeared; more accurately represented that of normal female consumers.

Far from being a ‘dumb blonde’, Paige was an A-grade student, raised in rural Alaska, who graduated from school two years early. She puts her demand as a model for womens designer jeans as much down to her brains as to her body and in particular, her ability to communicate well. “I think the reason I had a lot of success is because I wasn’t just a person that stood there as a hanger while other people made suggestions” says Paige “I like people to know I have a brain, so I became very vocal as a fit model for designer jeans. I learnt the technical as well as the creative side of the premium denim jeans business… to see how I could make my hips look smaller, my legs longer, butt higher if I place pockets in certain places”. The difference between fit modelling and catwalking, she says is simple “It’s about having an eye for detail and design and not being afraid to speak out about it.”

Paige now channels all her knowledge and experience of fabric and fit into her own label Paige jeans, based in Los Angeles, the home of premium denim jeans with her Paige Premium Denim styles named after the streets of LA.

5 May 2008


A fresh shoe line from the darling of the left bank, Paul and Joe Sister has been a runaway success for the brand. Continuing the design characteristic of the mainline, Paul & Joe Sister have just added their simple Art Nouveau influenced summer footwear.

3 May 2008


The world kicked back a lot flipping softer.

With a packet of fags, and a cheeky smile, Peter’s been released before time. How does he do it? Mr Doherty is to be let off his 14-week sentence after serving just 29 days of his stretch. That’s not even a month. (Unless it’s February in a leap year smart arse.)

Since going inside Doherty has had to cancel numerous gigs but as things stand, Glastonbury is very much on the cards for the lead singer.

Found guilty of continuously breaching his probation, Doherty was sent to Wormwood Scrubs to clean his act up. Despite rumours of heroine reaching the artist whilst behind bars, it has to be now or never for the troubled Doherty to kick his habit. Let’s hope he repays the lenient justice system with some more epic tunes and a shot at redemption.

Best of Luck Pete.


1 May 2008


Emily and Fin's vintage, quirky and cool dresses are now back in stock.

Emily Whittle and Ffion Armour-Brown, the designers behind Emily and Fin, met in London while Emily was studying at Central St Martins and Fin was Manager at an independent boutique in Soho.

Sharing an interest in all things vintage, quirky and cool, Emily and Fin were also inspired by travels to faraway corners of the globe. They soon began making their own one-off pieces by playing with pretty prints, vibrant colours and flattering silhouettes to create must have wearable designs.

In discovering their passion for creating beautiful clothes, and encouraged by their friends, they produced their first collection which was quickly snapped up.

The ethos of Emily and Fin combines simplicity with individuality.