30 November 2009

Aertex - English Heritage and Style

Perhaps better known for its cooling properties, Aertex was a massive hit from the first batch of shirts it produced, and was a leading label in Britain from the 1940's through to the 1970's. It made uniforms for the Desert Rats fighting in North Africa in WWII and supplied England with football shirts for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. The story of the still English-owned Aertex brand is now being rekindled for a new generation playing on its rich heritage and style.

The current AW Aertex collection is available now at Coggles.com

Great Plains - Style, Quality and Value

Great Plains celebrates style, quality and value ensuring that the most important items each season can be effortlessly added to your wardrobe. AW09 is a  contemporary collection, focusing on comfort and simplicity in a stylish and modern way. Highlights include the French navy dress with a multicoloured block print and the grey Peter Pan shirt collar cardigan with Mother of Pearl button front.   

The current AW Great Plains collection is available now at Coggles.com

26 November 2009

Pretty Green - Launch Party Film

Pretty Green has just released the official film from their launch party earlier this month and you can watch it here. We've had a great response from Pretty Green so far and the first few pieces from the Black Label collection including the black parka have just arrived at Coggles.com

23 November 2009

Local Natives - Gorilla Manor - Out Now

This is the debut offering from the California 5-piece, Local Natives. The band have received recent critical acclaim and have been compared with a host of bands from Arcade Fire to Fleet Foxes. There is some justification to this, with lush vocal harmonies, pianos and strings throughout and a splash of percussion throw in too. This is a band clearly influenced by their piers, but that influence has created a stunning, swelling and swaying debut not to be missed.

Religion - Vintage with Venom

If you are not immediately familiar with the Religion brand you may be forgiven. For the first few years following its birth in 1989 it remained a largely underground label, gaining a loyal following in the East End of London’s rave scene. Since then it has matured into a distinguished brand with a strong hold in the international marketplace and a celebrity following. With its irreverent attitude, trademark destroyed t-shirts and graphic prints the Religion look is ‘vintage with venom’ with it’s newly opened Shoreditch store the natural home for the label.  

The current AW Religion collection is available now at Coggles.com

20 November 2009

Aquascutum - Understated British Elegance

Aquascutum has been a part of London city life for over 150 years. Its heritage is rooted in excellent British tailoring whilst all the time keeping a keen eye on fashion, creating an understated elegance and stylishly luxurious look. Its sartorial confidence, authentic quality and fine craftsmanship shown in the faultless attention to detail are trusted throughout the world. Famous for its trench coats, AW09 sees the classic style updated in a wet-look black and metallic silver

The current AW Aquascutum collection is available now at Coggles.com

19 November 2009

Folk - AW09 Video

Shot by Matthew Donadson using a Phantom HD digital camera capable of shooting at 1500 frames per second, Folk’s AW09 video beautifully showcases the new season’s collection in a level of detail usually only seen in wildlife documentaries with Zero 7 providing the soundtrack.

The current AW Folk collection is available now at Coggles.com

13 November 2009

Kelly Ewing - Pre-Raphaelite Romanticism

Born in Glasgow and raised in Leeds, 28 year old Kelly Ewing launched her label in 2005 and has achieved phenomenal success in the few years that have followed.

Drawing inspiration from Victorian aristocracy to pre-Raphaelite romanticism, Kelly’s collections feature well structured traditional pieces such as boned corsetry that are brought up to date with contemporary twists, clever pattern cutting and sharp tailoring. Vintage fabrics are generously pleated and draped to create a luxurious couture look that is complimented with bright silk linings and soft handmade corsage detailing.

The current AW Kelly Ewing collection is available now at Coggles.com

11 November 2009

Vivienne Westwood Men's Accessories

Vivienne Westwood’s iconic Royal Orb is a befitting logo for the Queen of British fashion and it’s used to great effect on her latest collection of men’s accessories. Stylishly embossed on leather bags, wallets and cardholders in a suitably regal mix of colours like dark browns and deep reds, these accessories are the perfect finishing touch to a smart or casual look, with just the right blend of understated sophistication and trademark Westwood bling.

The current AW collection of Vivienne Westwood accessories is available now at Coggles.com

Charlotte Hatherley - New Worlds - Out Now

This is her third solo album - and second since parting company with Irish pop-rockers Ash. Certainly her finest work of all, New Wolds is a well thought out and confidently delivered collection of songs - an upbeat and anthemic new-wave album which ebs and flows through soaring vocals and surges of electricity to create an enchanting listen.

10 November 2009

Nom De Guerre - The Third Generation

Since 2003 the New York based label Nom DeGuerre has combined strict military references and translated them into effortless modern re-interpretations of workwear classics. It's about strong outerwear, rugged knitwear and workwear shirts, all designed in New York and produced from the most refined materials in Japan.

AW09 'The Third Generation' explores the ideas of Utopias, taking the Northern extremes of the Arctic wilderness, arguably the last remaining utopia, as its setting. Shawl collar knits, heavy gauge wool cardigans and canvas jackets make this collection clothing for survival.

In addition to the main Nom De Guerre AW collection Coggles.com also has in stock a few special pieces from the Nom De Guerre Wings + Horns collaboration.

9 November 2009

Elm -Designed For Women By Women

Icelandic brand Elm Design was founded 10 years ago as a knitwear label by Erna, Lísbet and Matthildur - three women from different art and design backgrounds sharing one common philosophy: to design for women you need to understand women. This philosophy clearly manifests in the collections which are favoured by women of all ages demanding eclectic, beautiful and striking clothes.

Inspired by the unique landscapes, art and culture of Iceland, designs are dramatic yet wearable with magnificent evening dresses and military influenced coats sitting next to everyday basics like skirts, shirts and cardigans. Hand made in Peru from high quality materials such as Taffeta, Alpaca and Pima cotton, Elm is as beautifully constructed as it is designed, as sophisticated as it is eccentric, resulting in an ever growing and loyal customer base across the globe.

The current AW Elm collection is available now at Coggles.com

Harry Brown -Out November 11- Nov 2 2009

Harry Brown remains, for all its touches of gritty realism, a revenge fantasy about someone aptly described by another character as "a vigilante pensioner." Caine neatly balances ferocity and frailty, so that a viewer is never quite certain whether he's up to completing the bloody business at hand.

8 November 2009

Pretty Green Launch Party - The Gore Hotel, Kensington

The launch party of Pretty Green, the label created by Oasis front man Liam Gallagher was held at the Gore Hotel in Kensington last night. Arriving fashionably late and to a flurry of paparazzi cameras, Liam looked suitably attired dressed head to toe in Pretty Green and was on best behaviour for the evening, perfectly at home in one of London’s most quintessentially British hotels.      
Joining him for the evening were ex Oasis band members Andy Bell, Zak Starkey and Gem Archer along with celebrity friends Ricky Hatton, Kasabian, Richard Ashcroft, The Prodigy, Holly Willoughby and many more, with Liam’s brother Paul resident DJ for the night.    
Pretty Green’s ‘Terrace-Lad Couture’ is set to become a wardrobe staple for the men not boys and Coggles.com has received its first drop of core basics including t-shirts, scarves and jackets and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fashion collection any day now.

6 November 2009

Vila - Devoted To Creating Feminine Identity

Blending fine prints, delicate cuts and feminine details, Danish label Vila perfectly captures the confident style of its famously attractive inhabitants. Designing for the modern girl - adept at mixing styles and always on trend without sacrificing her own individuality, Vila is growing a strong and loyal following across Europe with AW09 windswept and romantic by day, glamorous and sequined by night.

The current AW Vila collection is available now at Coggles.com

3 November 2009

The Raveonettes - In and Out Of Control- Out Now

The Raveonettes consist of Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo.

In and Out of Control is a rather dark collection of songs wrapped in glistening pop hooks. Tales of love and loss with dreamy melodies create a thrilling melancholy concoction and an exceptional album.

YMC - You Must Create

Formed in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins in response to increasing demand for stylish, functional and modern clothing, YMC has quietly grown to become a highly significant design label.

Shunning a trend-led approach in favour of a design philosophy based on producing intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive, collections gradually develop from season to season with a modernist influence maintaining longevity. Recent collections have placed a strong emphasis on footwear which the brand is becoming increasingly well known for with desert boots in green, grey and tan standouts for this season.

The current Autumn/WinterYMC collection is available now at Coggles.com 

2 November 2009

ONETrueSaxon - Modern Manners & Casual Etiquette

The boys at ONETrueSaxon don’t want to take over the world, just your wardrobe.

This quality Nottinghamshire brand was set up by regular blokes infatuated with decent attire. Fashion changes but style is timeless and this philosophy is fundamental to ONETrueSaxon – a brand more interested in producing a way of life than fashion products.

The AW09 collection contains all the everyday basics you need for your wardrobe, from chunky hooded cardigans, polo shirts, quilted jackets and trainers.

The current AW ONETrueSaxon collection is available now at Coggles.com

Vivienne Westwood Accessories

Queen of British rebel fashion Vivienne Westwood is back with a new collection of accessories for AW09.

Iconic as ever, bags come in all shapes, sizes and styles with everything from elegantly elongated clutches, woollen winter tartans, oversized quilted patents and hand painted canvas. Leather gloves, keyrings and purses provide the finishing touches to the collection and your winter wardrobe.

The current AW Vivienne Westwood Accessories collection is available now at Coggles.com